Whys Quitting So Tricky

Why's quitting so tricky? Find out the cold, hard facts

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Why is quitting smoking difficult? Read up on these insights into how other smokers have fared in kicking the habit.

The decision to quit smoking can be difficult to make. You may not know what to expect and you might worry about feeling alone in your journey. While everyone's smoking habits are different and your quit journey will be unique to you, you may find it interesting to see how some other smokers have fared. Here are a few numbers relating to other quitters' journeys.

Average Smoker Statistics

Change Smoking Habits

According to a survey, on average smokers smoke their first cigarette at the age of16.1 That means if you try to quit smoking in your mid-30s, for example, you're likely to have developed a strong habit that you could find tough to beat. It probably wasn't as difficult a decision to start then as it is to stop now, but it will be worth the effort.

On average a smoker will smoke 16.2 times in a given day.1 Obviously some people smoke less and some smoke more. How many you smoke doesn't have to affect how long it takes to quit.

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The survey demonstrates that on average a smoker will smoke for 24.3 years.1 If you've spent that amount of time with cigarettes in your life, it might be daunting to go without them. Stay strong - with the right attitude and plenty of support, you can do it. Think of the years you could live smoke-free and potentially healthier.

Around one in four smokers have tried to change their smoking habits 10 or more times.1 This may be a scary figure, but don't worry - each time you attempt to quit smoking you learn how to be more successful next time. Think about what tripped you up last time and how you're going to overcome that obstacle when you reach it again.

Only 7% of smokers have never tried to change their smoking habit, so you're not alone in wanting to be smoke-free. You just need to find the method that suits you.

On average the smokers surveyed spent 2 weeks planning their quit smoking attempt1, while a third of people did no advance planning at all. So why wait? If you're a spontaneous type, start a quit attempt straight away! If not, planning a date to quit smoking and taking a little time to prepare yourself mentally might work better for you.

The survey demonstrated that on average a quit or reduce to quit attempts lasts 2.5 months, which could mean this is the most difficult time to get through.1Some people might stop here, but it's important to remember that a slip up doesn't mean you've failed. You've already come so far so pick yourself up and keep going.

Your quit journey will be unique. How successful it is, and how soon you're smoke- free, depends mainly on you. Whether it's your first attempt or your 10th, remember quitting smoking is a journey, not an event, so even if you haven't smoked for a year it's important you remain on your guard. If you stay away from cigarettes for good, it will all be worth it.
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Factoid Stand Out Smoking StatsYour quit journey is down to you. Whether you stand out from the average smoker's stats or not, what's important is that you leave cigarettes behind.