Positive Effects Of Quitting

Understand how to get support

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Slipping up during your journey is ok. If it happens, don't beat yourself up too much. There are lots of ways to get back on track.

Even if you're really well prepared, during your quit journey there's a good chance you'll have a very difficult moment. You'll crave a cigarette and feel yourself getting close to giving in. First, remember that you're strong enough to beat it. There are lots of tools at your disposal to keep you focused and lots of people there to help you too.

Having a panic button could be the key. A panic button is about having a few people - be they friends, family or anyone you're in regular contact with - who is aware of your quit attempt and ready to help keep you on track. You just need to establish a system where this person can offer timely intervention and encouragement when you need it

Help yourself

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There are also some useful tools available online that can provide similar support. As well as games to distract you from your cravings, there's a temptation tracker and some tips to help you overcome some of the more difficult moments, so you're never on your own.

Enlist some quit buddies

Make some close friends and family aware of your situation. Tell them why you're quitting and what this means to you. Ask them to try to be ready to help when you need them. The more quit buddies you have, the more people you can call on.

Make sure they know the facts

The people around you can sometimes make the difference between slipping up and staying focused, especially if they know the facts and are properly prepared.

Pushing your buttons

A button can be anything - your mobile phone, email account, facebook page or your mouth. It's just the way you ask people for help.