Everyone’s quit journey is different. Whatever your approach, Nicabate QuitPartner has the tools and advice you’ll need. It’s personalised based on your individual needs, so it’s a perfect partner for anyone’s journey towards being smoke-free.

Craving Distraction Game

Strong cravings can come on fast and, even though it might not feel like it at the time, they will soon pass. This simple and fun game can occupy you for those few minutes, taking your mind off cigarette cravings and helping keep you on track to quit smoking.

Quit Calendar

If you’re thinking of quitting smoking, you’re already on the right track. Now you just need to take your first step - by choosing when to start. Plan your quit date with our easy to use quit smoking program – an individually customised quit calendar.

Pledge to Quit

Take the Pledge to Quit and get
support from other Australians in
the online Facebook community.

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Smoking stats

When it comes to quitting,
everyone's different...

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Nicabate® little wins

Helping you start, or get back
on your quitting journey.

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Support Tools

Quitting isn't easy, so it's
good to use any extra help...

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Nicabate® Pre-Quit Patches

If you're worried about giving up all your cigarettes at once, Nicabate® Pre-Quit Patches help you cut down for 2 weeks first, preparing you for your quit date

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Nicabate® 24 Hour Patches

Designed to control your cravings round the clock, to help make mornings less stressful.

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Nicabate Minis®

Nicabate Minis® 4mg relieves cravings in minutes so you can quit one cigarette at a time, at your own pace.

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Nicabate® Lozenges

Quickly tackle even your toughest cravings as and when they occur. Nicabate® Lozenges 4mg can also help you to keep your weight under control whilst quitting

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Nicabate® Mint Gum

Take your mind off the cravings while the gum goes to work. Carry Nicabate® Mint Gum for craving relief when you need it.

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