Beat Nicotine Withdrawal

Let's help you beat nicotine withdrawal

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Nicotine withdrawal is your biggest enemy when quitting smoking. Nicabate can help with the physical addiction, but having these tricks up your sleeve can help you beat the psychological addiction.

There are two sides to cravings. The first is the physical addiction to nicotine, causing your body to experience withdrawal symptoms when you want to quit smoking. Nicotine Replacement Therapy can help you manage this, and Nicabate offers a variety of  NRT products so you can use the type of treatment that works for you.

If you've tried to quit before, you'll know that the habit of smoking is psychological too, so you need some tricks up your sleeve. If you miss the feel of a cigarette in your mouth, holding something in your hands, or just the act of socialising with other smokers, it's useful to have some distractions that focus your attention on something else for around 15 minutes to keep you from giving in. Here are some ideas.

Put down your cigarette. Pick up your smartphone.

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Get physical

If you usually go outside for a cigarette break, walk around the block for a few minutes instead. It's amazing what you can find when you explore.

Get in touch

With your friends or workmates. It might sound simple but taking the time to have a chat helps to break up your day and keeps you away from cigarettes. You could do it online by updating your facebook page or twitter account. Your friends will always be happy to hear from you.

Train your brain

With the hundreds of games and apps available. If you're not careful, you might get distracted for more than a few minutes! Challenge yourself by doing a crossword or practicing your sudoku, keeping you occupied and developing your brain power at the same time.

Shop shop shop

Organise your weekly food shop or buy a new book or DVD online. Have your shopping delivered so you don't have to worry about making the trip to the shops to pick it up, where you might also be tempted to buy cigarettes.

Plan a trip to the movies

By watching the latest trailers online.

Keep your ear to the ground

There are podcasts, audio books, radio shows and music downloads all available to distract you for a few minutes.

Plan something worth planning

Get excited about a holiday you're looking forward to, an upcoming wedding or birthday, or even the weekend, and enjoy living in the future for a moment.

Eat or drink the right stuff

Drink more water, make a herbal tea, snack on fruit, nuts and seeds. To help overcome cravings you could try Nicabate Nicotine Patches, Minis or Gum.

Treat yourself

It's ok to allow yourself a few small luxuries. If you enjoy chocolate, indulging a little once or twice a week shouldn't hurt and it could stop you missing cigarettes.

These are just some examples of what could distract you from your psychological attachment to cigarettes. It's really up to you and there's no right or wrong way to go about it.

Factoid Trick Your Craving

Keeping some tricks up your sleeve to distract you from your psychological cravings can be just as important as dealing with physical nicotine addiction.