Pledge to Quit is an initiative from Nicabate encouraging all Australian smokers to come together and quit smoking for World No Tobacco Day, on May 31st 2013. Join thousands of other like-minded Aussies and take the Pledge to Quit on Facebook.

Whether you plan to quit smoking suddenly or gradually, setting a date to start may help you mentally prepare for the challenges ahead. Simply click the link above and head to the Pledge to Quit Facebook page to start your quit journey this World No Tobacco Day.

You will have access to a supportive community of people also taking the pledge! Nicabate also offer a whole bunch of tools to help you on your quit journey.

Pledging to Quit? Here’s some tips to help you along the way.

  • Make a list
    Family, health benefits, money. There’s many reasons to quit smoking. Make a list of reasons, post them somewhere you can constantly see them and be encouraged.
  • Get help from friends
    Quitting can be tough. Enlist friends and family to support and encourage you through any tough times or slip ups.
  • Write down your quit goal
    Your promise to quit becomes stronger when you make it concrete. One way to do that is to write it down. Keep it in your purse or wallet or post in on your wall to remind you of your pledge.

Now is the time to quit with the support of other smokers and Nicabate. Join over a thousand other Australians and Pledge to Quit via Facebook for World No Tobacco Day on May 31st.

Check out Pledge to Quit via Facebook at

Pledge to Quit

Take the Pledge to Quit and get
support from other Australians in
the online Facebook community.

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Smoking stats

When it comes to quitting,
everyone's different...

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Nicabate® little wins

Helping you start, or get back
on your quitting journey.

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Support Tools

Quitting isn't easy, so it's
good to use any extra help...

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Nicabate® Pre-Quit Patches

If you're worried about giving up all your cigarettes at once, Nicabate® Pre-Quit Patches help you cut down for 2 weeks first, preparing you for your quit date

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Nicabate® 24 Hour Patches

Designed to control your cravings round the clock, to help make mornings less stressful.

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Nicabate Minis®

Nicabate Minis® 4mg relieves cravings in minutes so you can quit one cigarette at a time, at your own pace.

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Nicabate® Lozenges

Quickly tackle even your toughest cravings as and when they occur. Nicabate® Lozenges 4mg can also help you to keep your weight under control whilst quitting

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Nicabate® Mint Gum

Take your mind off the cravings while the gum goes to work. Carry Nicabate® Mint Gum for craving relief when you need it.

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