Picking your day to start quitting can be important. We used the end of financial year to inspire potential quitters.

There's no bad day to give up smoking, but there are probably times when you're more inspired to make a fresh start. The average smoker spends around $3,600 a year on cigarettes, so becoming smoke-free could be the perfect complement to starting a new financial year. In June 2010, we used the end of financial year as an inspiring milestone to encourage residents of Melbourne and Sydney to start their own quit journeys.

Smashing the habit

On the 30th June 2010 we gave Nova listeners and passersby the opportunity to smash their habit. We used the ultimate symbol of saving - a piggy bank - to inspire them to start the new financial year by quitting smoking and reaping the rewards.

We created a Nicabate Piñata in the shape of a giant pink piggy bank and invited people to come along, attempt to smash it and win a share of $10,000 in cash prizes. Hundreds of people were given piggy banks to start storing what they'd save by not smoking, as well as Nicabate piggy bank-shaped stress balls. They also found out how important a quit date can be in kick starting a quit attempt and discovered how Nicabate products could help them reach their goal.

Making the most of a milestone icon

Picking your day to start could be key in helping you smash your habit.

  1. Note: $3,600 Calculation
    Average cigarettes smoked per day = 15 (NSW Smoking & Health Survey 2009, Cancer Institute NSW)
    Average Cost per pack = $16.80 (Average price of current 25 pack cigarettes in cross section of stores, then increased by 25% to account for new price rise) Calculation: 365 days x 15 cigs = 5475 cigs per year / 25 per pack = 219 packs per year x $16.80 = $3679.20

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Nicabate® Pre-Quit Patches

If you're worried about giving up all your cigarettes at once, Nicabate® Pre-Quit Patches help you cut down for 2 weeks first, preparing you for your quit date

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Nicabate Minis® 4mg relieves cravings in minutes so you can quit one cigarette at a time, at your own pace.

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Nicabate® Lozenges

Quickly tackle even your toughest cravings as and when they occur. Nicabate® Lozenges 4mg can also help you to keep your weight under control whilst quitting

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Nicabate® Mint Gum

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